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Our Mission

To provide a broadly-based, community forum that collectively supports all residents of Crestwood in establishing a friendly, safe, attractive neighbourhood of which its citizens can be proud.​

Our community league and the board operate on these core principles:

  • Playing a proactive, leadership role in listening to the needs of residents, identifying issues and implementing positive, community-based solutions;

  • Reaching out to all residents in welcoming ways to become involved;

  • Offering a representative voice of Crestwood residents on relevant matters that affect Crestwood or the City at large;

  • Providing an attractive, comfortable building that allows for affordable, diverse use by all age groups within the community;

  • Maintaining nicely landscaped, well-kept grounds that may be used for a wide range of social and recreational purposes;

  • Sponsoring community-oriented and economical recreational/social/leisure facilities & programs that are identified and supported by residents;

  • Organizing a few selected major events during the year that bring the community together; and

  • Being good stewards of available resources and as self-sufficient as possible.

Current Board of Directors

Contact Name
Peter R.
president( _AT_)
Vice President
Gerard L.
vicepresident( _AT_)
Mark M.
treasurer( _AT_)
Catherine K.
secretary( _AT_)
Past President
Diana S.
pastpres( _AT_)
Facilities Director
Andrea H.
facilities( _AT_)
Membership Director
Philip H.
memberships( _AT_)
Newsletter Director
editor( _AT_)
Programs Director
John M.
programs( _AT_)
Social Director
social( _AT_)
Soccer Director
Jason S.
soccer( _AT_)
Hockey Director
Rod M.
senator( _AT_)
Director at Large 1 (Mature Neighbourhood)
Director at Large 2 (Traffic)
Doug Densmore
doug.d( _AT_)
Director at Large 3
Herman H.
herman.h( _AT_)
Director at Large 4
Christin B.
christin.b( _AT_)
Communications Director
Maya G.
communications( _AT_)
Sustainability Director
sustainability( _AT_)
Associate Business Director
associatebusiness( _AT_)
Civics Director
Cheryl L.
civics( _AT_)
Crestwood Parkland Redevelopment Chair
Andrea H.
cprc( _AT_)
Hall Rental Coordinator
Christine M.
hallrental( _AT_)
Casino Coordinator
casino( _AT_)
Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator
Cheryl L.
neighbourhoodwatch( _AT_)
Candy Cane Lane Chair
Duane H.
duanehunter( _AT_)
Tot Time Coordinator
Catherine K.
tottime( _AT_)
Tennis Coordinator
tennis( _AT_)
Snow Angels Coordinator
snowangels( _AT_)
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